Looking For Ways to Get Involved with the Upcoming CAIDP Conference?


Looking For Ways to Get Involved with the Upcoming CAIDP Conference?

As 2013 CAIDP conference draws nearer (April 17th-April 18th), we know that CAIDP members are looking for ways to get involved and show their support. So much goes into pulling an event like this together from the pre-event organization, the event day logistics, to finally the post-event wrap up. Each step is important and requires countless people working together. If you are uncertain on how you can contribute we have decided to lay it out for you.

  So here is a list of five ways you can play a part in making CAIDP’s 4th Annual Conference a success:

 1) Buy a ticket and attend-Your presence at the annual conference adds to the event’s success. Not only does it help foster a vibrant community of development professionals but your insights, knowledge, opinions and discussions help create a dialogue surrounding the important issues that are impacting our field today.

To register for this year’s conference, please visit our registration page.


2)Sponsor Our Event-Sponsoring the conference is an amazing way to get involved and this year with our new online form and payment system, it is easier than ever! As a sponsor you contribute directly to the financial success of the event and help ease the cost burden of planning an event of this scale. In aligning yourself with other leaders in the field, you support the efforts of CAIDP and you encourage other firms to do the same.

To learn more about sponsoring our event and to look at the current list of sponsors, please visit our information page.


3) Encourage your friends and colleagues to attend the CAIDP Conference- with all our tools for event promotion: blogs, twitter, email, and even phone calls, the one that remains the most effective is word of mouth. Have you attended the conference before and loved it? Are you particularly interested in a speaker on this year’s program? Speak up and tell a friend! Pass along our event information throughout your networks with a personal note letting them know why you are excited about this conference. While blogging, twitter, email and phone calls are good at spreading the word about CAIDP, nothing is more effective then when our members act as ambassadors for our organization. By all means email, blog, and tweet away but don’t forget to add your own impressions and experiences regarding CAIDP.

4) Volunteer- Maybe you are a tech whiz? Maybe you love photography? Maybe you have incredible organization skills? You can use your special talents to contribute to the conference! Send us an email at caidprpcdi@gmail.com and let us know how you feel you can contribute to the event.

5) Identify Sponsors for Our Event- Know a great business that has links to development? Have you seen a grant that CAIDP could apply for?  Let us know by emailing us at caidprpcdi@gmail.com.

We appreciate your support. Your efforts remain the key reason that CAIDP remains the strong organization it is today!