Top 10 Tips For A Successful Conference Attendee!

1. Ask a question, do not rant. Don't worry: we all know you're smarter than the speakers, but please be kind and let them know that AFTER the Q & A session.

2. Save some trees. Just bring ID instead of printing out your ticket.

3. Do not be picky about where you sit. We're paying A LOT of money for A/V.

4. Bring business cards. Because the "Hello, My name is..." stickers ruin dress clothes and they are so 1990s.

5. Network like everyone's watching. Networking is best done when you're not actually thinking about it. Read a few articles on LinkedIn on the topic before coming.

6. Read a bit of each speakers' works beforehand. It will make you seem even smarter, so much smarter that you won't need to spend 10 minutes of the Q&A session letting everyone know how smart you are.

7. Eat. But do please leave enough for the starving students who are either volunteers, reduced price tickets holders, sneak ins, or a combination of all three.

8. Find out who the conference organizer is and buy her a drink. Yes, it is appropriate to Pay peter to feed Paul (i.e., we give out a free drink coupon at the mixer the night before!)

9.  Please suppress your urge to fall in love with any open microphone you spot.  Other people would likely want to contribute....and also may get tired of hearing your voice.
10.  Do whatever you can to assist and not derail efforts to keep sessions and the event as a whole running on time.

* Relax and have a great time! More then just learning and professional development, the goal of events like these are to foster a sense of community amongst our network of professionals.