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Space Available at Maison Arrimage

Maison Arrimage is a heritage building at 116 Promenade du Portage where CAIDC (before the name change) was located in its early days. Some space is becoming available in the building and we would like to offer it first to international development consultants. Being at the same location could also promote the opportunity for like minded consultants to talk and cooperate with each other more easily.

If you are interested in a space starting in July, please email or call me directly at 613 890-8277 or Melinda at 613 263-0177.



They say death and taxes are the only two sure things in life. Thankfully, CAIDP receives very few questions about the former but a lot about taxes.


Publication by Former Board Member John Lazier

CAIDP Member and former Board Vice President John Lazier has published a book "Tropical Forage Legumes Harnessing the Potential of Desmanthus and Other Genera for Heavy Clay Soils" Congratulations John!



Challenging our preconceptions will be needed to achieve the SDGs

I was struck by this article in the Economist in light of the International Assistance Review and the challenges the SDGs place before us as professionals to consider new ideas and different ways of thinking about old problems.



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