Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College is the largest community college in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Calgary’s only comprehensive community college, with 20 locations within Calgary and Southern Alberta and via contract arrangements across Canada and overseas. Established in 1965, BVC serves approximately 15,000 students annually, including 5,000 online learners, and BVC assists over 20,000 people annually to review and build career opportunities that set a path to live a better life. With multiple campuses and diverse learning groups and expectations, BVC specialises in tailored delivery of in-class, on-site, or online delivery of programming.

BVC offers year-round diplomas and certificates in business, administration, health, justice and human services, and is the largest provider of English Language Training in Western Canada. BVC’s mandate includes adult upgrading and career programming. As an access institution, specialised vocational curriculum and support services for at-risk youth, unemployed, underemployed, immigrants, and aboriginal populations extend our educational capacity beyond our core programming. All of BVC’s programs are linked to industry, respond to labour market needs, use competency-based approaches, and integrate essential skills to ensure our graduates can adapt their skills to the ever changing global labour markets.

Internationally, BVC’s engagement philosophy centers on capacity building contextualised to a local and cultural environment. BVC is experienced in Vocational Education and Education for Employment projects. BVC’s International Education Department has over 25 years of experience, specializing in Competency-Based Educational Training (CBET), entrepreneurship, prior learning assessment, curriculum review, design and development, employability skills, and workplace essential skills (WES).