International Development Advisory Service (IEDAS)

IEDAS, the International Development Advisory Service is an independent, international development focused consultancy. We know that economic growth is critical to reduce poverty and promote human development but we also believe that development is not process neutral. Our values are those of human rights, solidarity, equity, gender equality and environmental sustainability. We think that international Humanitarian actions and development assistance delivery should be transparent. Their programming must be participatory. Donors’ efforts need to be underpinned by good economic and democratic governance and informed by sound research and operational knowledge. The corporate private sector has a unique role to play. But the architects of international development are these women and men who are working restlessly to make the right change happen. Our objective is therefore to offer high quality, tailored made input to development actors and activist in their endeavors, drawing from our field experience. Our ultimate goal is to help make a significant difference in the lives of poor people and vulnerable groups in developing countries.