Kisserup International Trade Roots Inc.

Kisserup is a 100% women owned and operated international consultancy firm founded in Nova Scotia in 1998. Kisserup specializes in empowering new and emerging exporters in their international endeavours. Kisserup has its head office in Nova Scotia, Canada and a European office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

With a proven track record of delivering projects on time and on budget, Kisserup has broad and extensive experience in matchmaking, international trade training, and project management. Kisserup’s experience spans over 90 countries, 6 continents and extends to virtually every economic sector. Kisserup recognizes that companies’ exporting needs are as unique as they are. Thus, in order to meet these individual needs, Kisserup tailors its services to each client and includes a cross cutting capacity building component in any project it undertakes.

Several of Kisserup's projects have been showcased as Best Practices for SME developmentin ACP by EU Donor agencies.

Kisserup offers capacity building, institutional strenghtning, export development, workshop design and facilitation, trade training, mentoring, research, trade policy development and monitoring and evelaution services.