A network of cooperatives and mutuals that cooperate, enrich and share

We are a network of cooperatives and mutuals that share technical expertise and know-how with partners in developing countries in order to create, protect and distribute wealth.

A network that cooperates

Intercooperation is the raison d’être of SOCODEVI. For the directors of SOCODEVI, cooperation with cooperative and mutual organizations in developing countries is the basis of our organization. This defining quality has led us to work with 700 cooperative and mutual enterprises and organizations in 40 developing countries. That is a direct and indirect outreach of over 12 million individuals trought our development initatives.

A network that enriches

We build and consolidate cooperative and mutual enterprises whose main goals are to offer quality services and enrich their members. For SOCODEVI, introducing and supporting income-generating activities is essential to ensure the sustainability of our partners in the South.

A network that shares

Since 1985, our network of member institutions has contributed the equivalent of 90 years of volunteer work to our activities. It is the meeting of the cooperative and mutualist movements from the North and the South that makes it possible to share expertise and know-how.