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PLAN:NET Limited

PLAN:NET LIMITED (P:N) is a Canadian-based international network of independent evaluation, training and performance management consultants. We support organizations and initiatives striving to improve livelihoods, protect the environment, and secure peaceful relationships.

Since the early 1980's, P:N has worked with clients across many fields of practice. Our team of 15+ professionals works in Canada and internationally on a project-by-project basis. Most P:N consultants are based in Canada, though we maintain a presence in Middle East.

We cultivate sustainable and results-focused projects and organizations through project cycle management training, coaching, organizational assessment, monitoring and evaluation, and applied research. Most of our work centres on linking ideas to design and to implementation.

We adopt a holistic approach to management in the belief that from the very beginning of an initiative it is important to map the links between planned activities and expected results, and to track progress accordingly.

We also know that even the best laid plans rarely work out as envisaged; that managers need tools to continually make sense of the changing context and put in to practice the inevitable learning that comes through experience.

This shows in the way we train and coach managers at all levels in the use of Results Based Management (RBM) – for us RBM is as much about ‘sense-making’ as it is about servicing accountability relationships.

It also comes through in the way we most like to frame our evaluation and applied research assignments. While remaining unapologetically independent, we strive for: stakeholder dialogue over design; involvement of stakeholders as collaborators; stakeholder validation and dialogue of findings; a focus on the link between research conclusions and next steps; and concise, user-centred documentation.

We are bound together by a shared understanding on development and are governed by a Board of Directors comprised of our most active associates.