Ann Good

A propos: 

Ann Good has a career that has spanned nearly 40 years, in the areas of international development, change management, managing for results, education, and intercultural learning, through her work with Canadian and international organizations, though primarily with the Canadian federal government. She has experience at all major points of organizations - planning, implementation, capacity development (human resources and information architecture), monitoring and evaluation, and reporting on results.

Ann speaks English, French, and Spanish, has a reasonable level of fluency in Thai, plus some Hindi, German and Italian. She has lived and worked in France, Thailand, Zambia, Ivory Coast, Argentina and India, and has managed substantial development programs in the Americas, Africa, South Asia and South East Asia. Special areas of expertise include gender equality and governance; in addition, sectors of significant program management include environment, education, water and sanitation, energy, private sector development, telecommunications, and health.  She is an enthusiastic trainer, coach and mentor and keeps abreast of evolving trends in international development and evaluation.

Retired from full-time employment (most recently from the Canadian International Development Agency), Ann likes to take on short-term contracts, either as an individual or to round out a consultant team in her areas of expertise.

Développement des capacités
Société civile et renforcement institutionnel
Développement communautaire
Coordination des donateurs
Gestion financière
Développement des ressources humaines
Technologies de l'information
Gestion des ressources naturelles
Développement organisationnel
Contrôle, audit et évaluation
Approches participatives
Mesure du rendement
Développement du secteur privé
Gestion de projet
Design et planification de projets
Gestion axée sur les résultats
Développement rural
Services et infrastructures sociales
Planification stratégique
Conseil technique
Approvisionnement en eau et assainissement
Membre d'assoc.(s) professionnelle(s): 
Canadian Evaluation Society, International Development Evaluation Society (IDEAS)