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Offered by: Cowater International

The Trade Connect programme aims to enhance global value chains and increase exports from developing countries to the UK and other markets. This will be achieved through the provision of ‘last mile’/‘first mile’ trade facilitation and customs support as well as business development support to firms seeking to expand to new markets, including the UK. [...]

Offered by: Cowater International

Manage and guide operational discussions and decisions on corporate communications, marketing priorities, systems, processes, and performance indicators. Provide strategic direction, develops approaches, and initiates activities in support of Cowater’s family of companies external communication [...]

Offered by: Alinea

Alinea is recruiting an experienced development professional to be deployed as Project Manager and Team Lead for the project entitled Promoting Reform Objectives through Technical Expertise and Capacity Transfer.

Offered by: Justice Education Society of BC

CONVOCATORIA DE CONSULTORÍA: Programador Senior de Base de Datos. Construyendo una Plataforma Tecnológica para los Servicios de Atención a la Víctima. Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala

Offered by: Cowater International

Cowater International recherche actuellement des experts nationaux (Burkina Faso) et internationaux en gestion des finances publiques afin de constituer un vivier d’expertise à mobiliser dans le cadre d’un projet à venir.

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