Alejandra Orozco Quintero


Alejandra Orozco is an international development practitioner and researcher with more than 15 years of experience in Latin America, Africa and Canada. Dr. Orozco’s expertise relates to environmental governance and the sustainability of conservation efforts, and she has multi-country research experience on state-led conservation, land policies, communal land tenure systems, and community-based approaches to development and conservation.

She has experience working with indigenous and local communities, NGOs, government agencies and the private sector in the design, implementation and promotion of community development, and in providing sound technical input to support decision-making. She is experienced at Geographic Information systems, spatial analysis and various mapping approaches. Her work experience also includes building the capacity of communities to address their land rights, training human resources to design and undertake social research and leading applied research on policies and approaches to development and conservation.

Communications and Social Research
Community Development
Cooperative Development
Human Resource Development
Natural Resources Management
Rural Development