Alnoor Meghani

  1. Analytical, cross-sector, and strategic international development professional with 30 years in rule of law and governance, legal affairs from ministries to community levels, capacity building to ensure equitable justice, legal program and project management, and emerging economies through the lens of laws and policies to protect marginalized or vulnerable populations.


  1. Effective and diplomatic interlocutor, mediator, and negotiator between and amongst government agencies, elected officials and parliamentarians, attorneys general, international judicial systems and ministries, NGOs, CSOs, multilaterals (UNDP, UNOPS), civil and criminal attorneys and litigators, and actors across the justice spectrum from HQ to the field with expertise distilling legal complexities for diverse cross-cultural stakeholders and audiences.


  1. Experienced leader of cross-functional teams, attorneys, volunteers, vendors, and public/private partnerships with an outcome focused approach that incorporates M&E, policy considerations, and identification of benchmarks, milestones, and needed course corrections to build trust, accountability, resiliency, and sustainability – across high-risk, post-conflict and/or fragile geographic settings.


  1. Countries of Work/Program Experience:  Bangladesh, Canada, Jamaica, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, West Bank (Palestinian Authority); languages: English (fluent reading, writing, speaking), Hindi/Urdu (mid-proficiency speaking), Gujarati (fluent speaking), Katchi (fluent speaking).



Capacity Development
Civil Society and Institutional Strengthening
Community Development
Financial Management
Participatory Approaches
Performance Measurement
Project Management
Project Planning and Design
Results Based Management
Technical Advice
Membership in Professional Societies: 
Member, Law Society of Ontario