Brianna Strumm


I am currently completing a PhD in Social Work at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. My research is focused on the experience of development practitioners (including social workers) with regards to how and if individuals actively self-reflect within their day-to-day work. My most recent research and teaching experience covers community-based research, social justice within social work education/practice, immigrant and refugee experiences in Canada, measurement-based culture within the post-secondary institution and women’s rights. I hold a Master’s degree in Social Work focused on International Social Work and Leadership in the Human Services from the University of Calgary, Canada. My two undergraduate degrees include a Bachelor of Social Work and a BA in Communications. I also have a certificate in University Instruction from Carleton University.

Before joining Carleton, I had worked for government and nongovernmental organizations in Canada, England, Jamaica and South Africa (including the United Way of Jamaica in partnership with Canadian University Students Overseas now known as CUSO International, CAWST - the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology, the City of Calgary, the South African National Department of Social Development in partnership with the Canadian International Development Agency and the Child Welfare League of Canada as well as the UK’s NHS - National Health Services institution) in the areas of capacity-building, research design and implementation, community engagement, child protection, youth employment, foster care, health care, poverty reduction, cross-cultural training, project management, water & sanitation, gender analysis, community-based research and community development. I am currently looking for part-time consulting opportunities that will further enhance my experience in the field of international development related to social work, research and training facilitation of professional staff at the local level, while I work to finish my PhD.

Capacity Development
Civil Society and Institutional Strengthening
Community Development
Cooperative Development
Humanitarian Assistance
Organizational Development
Participatory Approaches
Project Management
Project Planning and Design
Results Based Management
Social Infrastructure and Services
Other (Field of Expertise): 
Social Work, Post-secondary education, Training, Gender, Diversity, Policy
Membership in Professional Societies: 
Alberta College of Social Workers, International Association of Social Workers