Jacques Bérard


Former Executive and senior consultant with 37 years’ worldwide experience in the private and public sectors. Strategist seasoned at managing change, capacity buildingmanagement, and results-based strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation. Well versed in integrated risk management, policy change and project management.  Recognized by his peers for his superior analytical skills and ability to bring ideas together, synthesize them with originality and communicate them in a compelling manner. Highly appreciated by clients as a trainer and experienced facilitator. 

Expert in areas of local governance, conflict resolution, countering violent extremism, education, health and nutrition, agriculture, food security and land use, social and community development, economic growth and infrastructure building in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Central America, United States and Canada.

Fluent in French, English and functional in Spanish.

Recent Mandates:

Senior Consultant, High Commission for the Modernization of State, Government of Niger

Evaluation Team Lead, EGRA (education) Impact evaluation qualitative analysis, Democratic Republic of Congo

M&E Consulting Services Lead Facilitator USDOL- Child Labor Cocoa Coordonating Group (child labor) 

M&E Consulting Services – Evaluation Team Leader – USAID West Africa / ECOWAS - Reacting to Early Warning Data (countering violent extremism)

M&E Consulting Services – Senior Consultant USDOL - D.R. Congo- Combatting Child Labor in the Cobalt Supply Chain (child labor)

M&E Consulting Services – Pause and Reflect Facilitator -- USAID West Africa - Voices for peace (countering violent extremism)

M&E Consulting Services – Senior Expert -- USAID D.R. Congo - Solutions for Peace and Reconciliation (peace and reconciliation)

M&E Consulting Services – Senior Consultant -- USAID D.R. Congo - Monitoring, Evaluation and Coordination Contract (educaton)

Evaluation Consulting Services – Team Leader - USAID Pakistan - Agricultural Innovation Project (agriculure)

Technical Assistance – USAID Haiti – Technical Director  - KONEKTE (public sector reform)

Evaluation Consulting Services – Senior Methodological Advisor -- USAID Senegal - Women's Leadership in Journalism (gender) 

Evaluation Consulting Services – Senior Methodological Advisor -- USAID E3 - Partnership for Growth (economic development and governance)

Evaluation Consulting Services – Evaluation Team Leader -- USAID E3 (Measuring Impact (biodiversity programming)

M&E Consulting Services – USAID Senegal – Technical Director (general monitoring, evaluation and organizational learning mandates)

M&E Consulting Services – USAID Senegal  – Senior M&E Consultant WASH PMELP (water and sanitation project monitoring and evaluation plan)

M&E Consulting Services – USAID Mali - Technical Director and Interim Chief of Party  (general monitoring, evaluation and organizational learning mandates)

Banking and Financial Services
Capacity Development
Civil Society and Institutional Strengthening
Community Development
Conflict Resolution, Peace and Security
Cooperative Development
Counter Terrorism
Donor Coordination
Food Security
Human Resource Development
Organizational Development
Oversight, Audit and Evaluation
Participatory Approaches
Performance Measurement
Private Sector Development
Project Management
Project Planning and Design
Results Based Management
Rural Development
Strategic Planning
Technical Advice
Water Supply and Sanitation
Other (Field of Expertise): 
Child labor
Membership in Professional Societies: