Ouida Shiers


I am a recent Centennial College graduate with a Graduate Certificate in International Development (Class of 2018).  My focus is on Project Management for Development, specifically Monitoring and Evaluation.  Currently, I am a Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor intern with EQWIP HUBS and will be spending six months in Bolivia starting in February 2019.  My motivation for this internship with EQWIP HUBS is the opportunity I will be given to get hands-on, overseas experience.   This internship would provide me with practical, in-the-field experience I need to complement my theoretical education.  This is an opportunity for me to put my education to good use.  This Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor position also allows me to utilise the project management skills I learned in my previous career in the Information Technology (IT) industry.

My professional goals are to gain the practical skills I will require in order to progress through my career in this industry.  Another professional goal I am pursuing is to obtain my Project Management for Development designation with Project Management 4 Non-Governmental Organisations (PM4NGOs).  Along with working in Project Management, I am also interested in working in the Humanitarian Aid sector, which is why I currently volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross in Oshawa as a Personal Disaster Assistant (PDA) Responder and Emergency Response Team (ERT) Responder tier 1 volunteer.

My personal goals are adaptability, initiative and self-fulfillment.  Adjusting to life in another country where I don't speak the language and being exposed to a culture that is vastly different than mine will test how adaptable I am.  Living and working in another country is definitely going to push me out of my comfort zone and expose me to a new experience and live like a local.  Doing something good for someone else with no expectations gives me a sense of accomplishment, meaning and purpose in life.  International Development is a career change for me.  As I mentioned above, I used to work in the IT industry.  I knew I needed a career change and I needed to do something meaningful and fulfilling with my life.  I returned to school to study International Development.  It gave me something to look forward to and, more importantly, I was doing something that I loved.  Knowing that I may make a positive and impactful change in someone's life contributes to building my self-esteem and discovering my self-worth.  Beneficiaries appreciate anything we can do to improve their lives, improve their standard of living and move them out of poverty.  I'd like to continue lifting myself up by lifting them up as a Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor in Bolivia for EQWIP HUBS.

For more information about EQWIP HUBS and to make a donation to the Youth Innovation Fund, please click on the following link - https://yci.akaraisin.com/EQWiPHUBsen/oshiers

Capacity Development
Humanitarian Assistance
Participatory Approaches
Performance Measurement
Project Management
Project Planning and Design
Results Based Management
Other (Field of Expertise): 
Monitoring and Evaluation; Humanitarian Aid
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