Richard Labelle

Extensive international experience in development, technology, environment, sustainable agriculture, governance, sustainability in general, trade and related issues. Focus on using ICTs, sustainable technologies (cleantech) and related technologies and management practices for poverty reduction, economic development, economic inclusiveness, trade enhancement, capacity building, governance and empowerment, sustainability, climate action and low emissions development (LED). 
Worked in 58 emerging and developing countries. Policy analysis, strategic and operational assessments and planning, participatory development and consultative processes, high level negotiation, training and coaching, project management and monitoring and evaluation. 
M.Sc. Perfectly fluent in English and French - written, oral, comprehension. 
Specialties: Competitive analysis, country & sector analysis, rapid assessments of demand / need, cross cultural skills, community engagement & empowerment, participatory assessment, social networks, technology trend analysis, sustainability assessments, trade integration, mobile money, poverty reduction, financial inclusion, climate change, climate mitigation technologies & strategies, proposal writing, ICT4D, ICT for environmental & climate action, region/economic integration.

Tel; 1-613-203-7830

Skype: rlabelleklaf


Current / most recent engagements

·Consultant, UNCTAD, Geneva. Oct. 26, 2015 – July 1, 2016. Cairo and home based. In collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) of the Government of Egypt, to assist in the development of a national strategy on e-commerce for Egypt. Analysis of Egypt's e-commerce potential, of online market challenges and opportunities given current trends and practices. The project will build policy making capacity to reap development gains from e-commerce. Part of a team of consultants and UNCTAD experts.

·Consultant, Icegate Solutions, Aug. 31 – ongoing. World Bank South Asia e-commerce readiness assessment project. Home based + travel to Nepal and India. Team leader of project provide a regional report that will: i. systematically assess ecommerce readiness and constraints in SA countries and SA regional integration, ii. put forward strategic approaches and prioritization to further opportunities in digital trade for SA countries and for the region as a whole, and iii. identify areas and opportunities where ecommerce can have the most impact on inclusive growth, poverty, enhancing opportunities for women and jobs.

·Consultant, ICT4WASH (Water and Sanitation and Hygiene), Cowater International, Jan. 2015 – April 2015. Ottawa, Canada. Work with team of African consultants to write, review and edit four reports on the use of ICTs in the WASH sector in West Africa. Three reports in French (Benin, Niger and Senegal) and one in English (Liberia).  Coordinating/communicating with the West African consultants and/or other relevant sector stakeholders for any missing or additional information as required. Used Skype to undertake extensive interviews with WASH stakeholders in Liberia and Benin while working with a team of consultants in Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire and Senegal. Review status of ICT4WASH knowledge base. All work done remotely.

·Online content development specialist and workshop presenter, Cleantech for development and ICTs for sustainability and climate action (ICT4S), The Aylmer Group & Asc-IST. June 2012 – Ongoing. The Aylmer Group & Asc-IST. June 2012 – Ongoing. Cleantech is a growing industry. Its role in promoting sustainable development and green growth is clear in the industrialized countries and some emerging economies, but what about in the developing world at large? Developing an interactive online communication series on energy efficient technologies (cleantech) for development. Part of the online content takes the form of a series of 5 Web conferencing workshops, social network feeds (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), the development of an ICT4D and cleantech knowledge base using Evernote. Already over 7,900 references (Web pages, documents) assembled in a searchable knowledge base and available online (via Evernote). An external panel of experts is providing input. Four workshops have been prepared and reviewed. Special focus on ICTs for sustainability as many cleantechs (smart grid, smart buildings, smart transport & logistics, smart cities, etc.) depend on ICTs. The intended target groups are policy analysts and decision makers in developing countries and development agencies as well as interested individuals and businesses.  


Capacity Development
Civil Society and Institutional Strengthening
Communications and Social Research
Community Development
Donor Coordination
Information Technology
Organizational Development
Private Sector Development
Project Planning and Design
Results Based Management
Rural Development
Science and Technology
Social Infrastructure and Services
Strategic Planning
Technical Advice
Other (Field of Expertise): 
e-commerce, e-government, e-payments, e-trade,
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