Using CAIDP Name and Logos

Use of the name CAIDP

The Canadian Association of International Development Professionals (CAIDP) name is legally registered with Industry Canada (see Certificate of Continuance) by the association. As membership in a professional association confers a benefit, all members are welcome to mention their CAIDP membership in their CVs, websites, signature panels, and other promotional materials. Members cannot, however, use the name of the Association in a way that would imply that they are acting for, on behalf of, or are affiliated in anyway other than as members, without the express permission of the Board of Directors. See:​

Acceptable use of the CAIDP Name:

Member of the Canadian Association of International Development Professionals (CAIDP)

I/we adhere to the CAIDP Professional Code of Conduct

Unacceptable use of the CAIDP Name:
CAIDP Consulting Inc
CAIDP Consortium Group

Use of CAIDP Logos

As a member of CAIDP, we’d love for you to include the CAIDP logo on your website, on your business cards or on your letterheads. CAIDP's logo is available for use by all CAIDP Members in good standing. You can download these logos to use in a variety of formats and sizes.

To download one of these logos, right-click either on the logo of your choice or on the link to the right, then choose ‘Save As’ or ‘Save Image As’ to save a copy of the logo on your device.

For guidance on how to use the CAIDP logo, including suggestions for language, please click on the following page "Using the CAIDP Member Logo – Guidelines for Members" (soon come ....).

If you have any further questions about using these logos, please email us at

CAIDP Member Logos

Download this logo (png format) by clicking here:  1,120px
Download this logo (png format) by clicking here:  931px