Web Site Tips

Following a few requests to search the CAIDC web site, here are some tips for conducting some searches:

  • To search the web site, use the search field that is at the top right corner of each page;
  • Adding keywords, the search is done in all web pages, including profiles
  • Once you get the Search page (after clicking one time on the Search button on top right corner), you can click on "Advanced search" to refine the search by selecting specific type of information such as "profile", "job" or "Blog entry"
  • Once you view yours or any profile, you can also click on one of the expertise/interest areas. You will get a list of members that have selected this particular area in their profile. For instance, if you select Capacity Development, you will get all members that selected Capacity development as an area of expertise/interest. 
  • One limitation right now is that it is not searching into CVs that would be attached to profiles nor into any attachments; we are working on this! 
  • For CAIDC Members, it is better to log in to search all areas of the web site. Without logging in, searches will not be conducted in the CAIDC member-only area such as bulletins, toolbox, insurance, fees, taxes, Board documents, etc.

Happy searches!