CBC The House Radio Interview w/ Min. of International Cooperation Hon. Julian Fantino

Thanks to CAIDP member Jim Chester for the following link. This interview comes one day after Min. Fantion announces via interview with Montreal's La Presse Canada will be freezing aid to Haiti only after a few months on the job. What do these actions, CIDA's transformation and ongoing shifts in private sector development programming mean for Canadian international development policy? Comment below!


Is there a policy shift at CIDA? Listen to the full show here: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/media/audioplayer.html?categoryid=1414978422

Jump to time: 26.50 min for the interviews with New Democratic Party Member of Parliament CIDA critic, then the Oxfam Managing Director.

Minute 29:50 is when the interview with International Co-operation Minister Julian Fantino starts. It goes on for 10+ minutes.

In this interview, Min. Fantino states he wants projects aligned to CIDA’S priorities and policies and goes on to reaffirm that CIDA aid funding ought not to be tied to Canadian providers. However, the Minister then continues on to talk about the use of  Canadian expertise, namely private companies and non-governmental organizations.