Why join CAIDP?

Just as in 1993, the need continues to exist today for a professional association like CAIDP to get our voices heard on Parliament Hill, in the headquarters of international and global institutions, at the summits and meetings of groups and bodies shaping the world’s approach to ending poverty. Over 100 of the individual and corporate dues paying members of the Canadian Association of International Development Professionals have taken the next step.

So what are the benefits exactly?

1.    Reduced fees at the annual conference,


2.    Membership in a professional society for application forms


3.    CAIDP has a professional code of conduct which members must agree to adhere to which is seen as valuable


4.    Access to job opportunities: CAIDP members have posted 30 job opportunities to the list and the JobBank on the website since the beginning of the year, or an average of 10 a month. Postings come from member firms and NGOs, Trade Commissioners, Head Hunting firms and members like you.


5.    Able to participate in setting goals and activities of the organization,


6.    Can request research on topics of particular concern,


7.    Can request CAIDP to approach funding agencies to get answers to specific questions,


8.    Can participate in meetings with funding agencies to develop approaches and learn about funding agency approaches and needs


9.    CAIDP provides a voice for members to negotiate with funding agencies to improve administrative processes


10.  Provides information on a wide range of topics of concern to development workers with additional details being provided to full members


11.  Provides opportunities for mentoring to youth and those new to the profession


12.  21 development firms and NGOs are members and thus see CAIDP as an important resource.  Should not your NGO or development firm not also belong?


13.  Networking opportunities: CAIDP meetings, conferences and events give you the chance to meet the heads of major development firms and NGOs. When your CV hits their desk this gives you a leg up.


14.  CAIDP is also interacts with a number of other Canada-wide professional associations such as CANADEM, CCIC and the provincial councils, CES, CME, PMI, CMC, the Chamber of Commerce, Devex, EWB, McLeod Group, IPAC, the OLIFIs, SID and TISA. (No wonder our external relations people are busy). which provide additional opportunities for networking and marketing


15.   CAIDP has linkages to Canadian trade offices


16.   It also is well known at the World Bank and IADB.

And these are only a few of the benefits of membership! See our Strategic Plan for what CAIDP intends to do to enhance the industry's professionalism and stature.

The entire Board and all our over 100 members would welcome you into our community of professionals.

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