Thematic session at Busan: "Capacity Development: Lessons Learned and Ways Forward"

Several members of the LenCD network ( are collaborating to organise a thematic panel discussion at Busan: "Capacity Development: Lessons Learned and Ways Forward".

The session will identify key actions to strengthen the practice of and knowledge on country-led capacity development, building on lessons learned. It will examine two areas that are critical to the forward-looking agenda on capacity development: putting country-driven, results-focused capacity development into practice; and creating and exchanging knowledge on what works. It will consist of a panel of speakers sharing the views and experiences of Southern partners in an actively moderated question-and-answer format, with discussants and commentators adding to the debate which will also directly engage and challenge the audience.

More information about the session, including the draft agenda, is available on the LenCD web site in the Road to Busan working group and discussion forum:

The working group has also been discussing possible ideas for “slogans” to promote the session on banners and posters, and would like to ask for your ideas. Here are some of the slogans already proposed – vote for your favourite or suggest new ones at

  • Development? Not without capacity!
  • Capacity development. Unlocking potentials – enhancing performance.
  • Unlock capacity - make aid history
  • Unlock capacity - accelerate development
  • Unlock capacity - unleash development
  • Make Aid History - develop capacity now
  • Aid without capacity: a dead end

Capacity Results case stories publication to be launched

In July,LenCD announced a call for case stories documenting the links between capacity development processes and sustainable development results. More than 40 stories were received, which a review panel narrowed down to 15 stories from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America to be included in a printed publication which will be launched at Busan. Each contribution tells a story about how investments in capacities for local leadership and coalitions for change have led to increased performance of local and
national institutions, and in the longer term to positive development outcomes for health, poverty, equality, education, and more. The publication is now being readied for printing and will be released at the Busan Forum at the end of November.

E-Poster on Leadership, Coalitions for Change and Results

The Knowledge and Innovation Space at Busan is an open area at the heart of the Forum where innovative ideas, tools, and initiatives will be showcased. As a contribution to this space, we have prepared an "e-poster" or electronic slide show highlighting the importance of national leadership and coalitions for change to develop local capacities and achieve sustainable development results, which will be displayed on screens throughout the area. You can see the e-poster design at