DEVEX and USAID Forecast of Future Needs from Development Professionals

Ever wonder what the future looks like for development practitioners? We can tell you. Our latest report, Next Generation Professional, looks ahead to the next 10 years, and asks those working in the sector today what skills they will need in order to thrive tomorrow.

As the development landscape continues to evolve with new approaches, funding, and technology, we need to do the same. Roles such as big data analysts and drone operators are relatively recent, but what other roles are expected to emerge and what will the next generation look like?

Next Generation Professional

Devex, along with its partners the U.S. Agency for International Development and DAI, has taken the temperature of the sector and is looking into the future to analyze what new skills will be expected, and what factors we should be watching for to stay ahead of a shifting landscape.

From technology to innovation and investment, stay tuned for interviews and insights as we dig into what changes we might expect to see and how we can best prepare.