New Study on Blended Finance: Understanding its potential for Agenda 2030

Blended Finance: Understanding its potential for Agenda 2030

Financing the ambitious Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be an enormous undertaking, with a funding gap in developing countries estimated at between US$1.9 trillion and US$3.1 trillion each year between now and 2030. Substantial additional financial resources from both domestic and international sources need to be mobilised, and attention has turned to how to make this happen.

This report contributes evidence to advance the policy debate on the use of blended finance by collating and analysing the available data about where blended finance is coming from and going to, and what it is being used for. We look at what this can tell us about its potential for financing the SDGs and look at the associated risks, opportunities and potential benefits for developing countries. The report considers these issues in the context of Agenda 2030’s ultimate goal of ending poverty and ensuring that no one is left behind.