REOI for Culture Change Programme

To effectively implement its new Development and Business Delivery Model (DBDM), the Bank needs to develop a New Bank Culture to share a common behavioral framework/reference, which sustains and entrenches the ideals of the bank’s change initiatives, provides support for achieving business results and provides competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talents.
Therefore, CHHR is looking for a firm to develop and implement a comprehensive institutional culture change program. We are in search of an experienced firm, able to support us in all the process, especially in the implementation of a Winning Culture through re-defining the Bank’s belief systems and co-creating its Leadership Brand & Leadership Competencies/Creed.
The REOI has been published in both English and French, and the deadline is Friday, March 30th, 2018 at 4:00 pm (UTC).
Please share the links below with your networks and encourage good and experienced firms to apply: