Mosaic workshop - Special price for CAIDP members

We have a special New Year price for CAIDP members for the Upcoming Mosaic Workshop in Mexico.  $ 1395 includes registration, meals and accommodations; just in time to escape the winter blues and upgrade your skills in planning, monitoring & evaluation. 

Can you facilitate participatory workshops and focus groups with stakeholders for planning, monitoring and evaluation purposes?  Do you know the latest methods and techniques to engage stakeholders?  Do you feel comfortable and confident when facilitating groups?  If you answered no or are unsure, read on....

Mosaic International in Canada and SARAR, Mexico have joined forces to bring back this popular workshop in time to escape the winter blues.

Stakeholder Engagement in Planning, Needs Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation

February 11-16, 2019

Tepoztlan, Mexico

Experience has shown that participation improves the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of our actions (i.e. engagement, organizational change, leadership, building a common vision). By placing people at the centre, our actions have a much greater potential to empower and to lead to the ownership of initiatives. Giving the poor, local communities, and local government a central voice in development efforts that affect them is at the heart of participation. This 6 day workshop held in Tepoztlan, Mexico is based on a hands-on approach to participatory development that can be applied in the South, in both urban and rural community settings for undertaking planning, needs assessment, monitoring and evaluation of initiatives.

You can expect to increase your knowledge and skills in any of the following areas:

  • Using participation in project design, management, monitoring and evaluation;

  • Engaging participation of different interest groups or stakeholders;

  • Learning and applying participation tools and community-based methods such as semi-structured interviewing, community mapping, gender division of labour, institutional mapping, force-field analysis, seasonal calendars, historical timelines, and more;

  • Organizational development and capacity-building for your organization in planning and M&E;

  • Community development methods;

  • Facilitating workshops using hands on participatory and experiential methods.

Who Will be There?

This workshop is designed for:

  • Professionals & managers who work with different stakeholder groups at government, intermediary or community levels;

  • NGOs who are interested in learning the latest techniques in participatory development;

  • Academics and participatory-action researchers who use and teach qualitative methods;

  • Policy, program and project officers who make critical decisions on organizational policy, resource allocations, project design, monitoring and evaluation;

  • First Nations and Indigenous facilitators and leaders who work directly with indigenous groups; 

  • Community activists who want to learn dynamic community methods and tools.

  • Consultants who want to broaden their repertoire of tools & methods.

You will be introduced to the concepts and tools behind participatory development, also referred to as "Participatory, Learning and Action" (PLA) and "Participatory Rural/Rapid Appraisal" (PRA) and SARAR. Topics include The Origins of Participatory Development, Learning and Application of PRA/PLA tools, the Application of Participation to Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation, Developing Effective Facilitation Skills, Building Action Plans and Team-Building.  Two-day community assignments proposed by community-based organizations will allow participants to apply tools learned in the workshop to real-life situations.  This is also a great opportunity to network with other practitioners, NGOs, donors, and action researchers from all over the world.

Tepoztlan is just 80 km south of Mexico City and is a magical town full of mysticism and tradition that, despite its small size, is world famous and a source of pride to its inhabitants.  Our info page provides more details on Tepoz and how to get there.  The workshop is held at La Quinta Tonantzin  located only 1.5 hours south of Mexico city. 

Basic Spanish is required to attend this workshop.  More details about the workshop can be found at the following link or www.


Françoise Coupal

Come, participate and celebrate in our 21st Year of organizing dynamic International Workshops:   

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Registration includes 3 months of post-workshop online mentoring and coaching to facilitate the application of tools in the workplace.

Full details are available at our website at: . We look forward to your     participation!

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February 11, 2019 to February 16, 2019