Le Groupe-conseil baastel's (Baastel), a firm dedicated to research and consulting, has a mission to provide the knowledge, tools and skills necessary for decision-makers, managers and local stakeholders to make enlightened decisions for the efficient and effective management of their development and research programs. By helping to strengthen the impact of policy, programming and development projects around the world,  Baastel has acquired a reputation as a leader in the fields of monitoring, evaluation and results-based management.

Founded in 1989, Baastel works in diverse but complimentary sectors:
  • Strategic planning, monitoring, results-based management and  program/project evaluation
  • Capacity-building
  • RBM system implementation
  • Design, planning and organization of national and international conferences, symposiums and seminars
  • Applied research;
  • Communication and translation services
Over the years, Baastel has carried out hundreds of assignments, ranging in scale and scope, for international agencies, multilateral and bilateral organizations and private enterprise. In delivering effective and efficient service, we rely on our partners’ and associates’ experience and training as well as their shared vision and interest in providing superior-quality work and partnerships for innovation.