Consultancy to Develop Policy and Program Guidance on LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Sexual Diversity

Date of Publication: 
12 October 2021
Application Deadline: 
29 October 2021
World University Service of Canada
Brief Description: 

To further develop and operationalize WUSC’s Gender, Age, and Diversity Policy and Guidance, the consultant will review the current state of WUSC policies and practice in sexual diversity and assist WUSC to better integrate best practices in understanding and addressing issues related to gender identity and sexual orientation (including gender as a spectrum/non-binary and LGBTQI+) accross the organizational management and within WUSC’s program design and implementation. The assessment will document what WUSC is already doing and will share  information on best practices from across the sector that balance a human rights-based approach with the legal and cultural environments in WUSC’s countries of operation. The assessment will result in a report that includes practical recommendations that WUSC should consider to better understand and integrate intersectional approaches across all its work. A specific focus should be on helping WUSC to understand how to address the issue of sexual diversity in widely different political and cultural contexts, different technical areas, and within different program methodologies. Finally, the consultant will be asked to design and deliver 2-3 short trainings for WUSC staff that draw upon good practices and the results of the consultancy findings.


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