Expert in the Administration of Government Procurement

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7 April 2020
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15 May 2020
Cowater International
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Job stage: Immediate Opportunity Wage: Commensurate with Experience
Position Type: Consultant, Short Term, Full-Time
Closing On: 04/14/2020
Posted: 03/31/2020
Country: Home based

Project Name:  Implementing Government Procurement Obligations in the CPTPP

Position Title:  Expert in the Administration of Government Procurement

Deadline to Apply:  May 15, 2020  NEW APPLICATION DEADLINE DATE


Funded by the Government of Canada and implemented on behalf of Global Affairs Canada by Cowater International and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), the Expert Deployment Mechanism for Trade and Development (EDM) provides trade technical assistance to Official Development Assistance (ODA) eligible countries to maximize the development impact of their trade and investment agreements with Canada.  Over seven years (2018-2025), EDM will invest CAD $16.5 million to support Canada’s developing country trading partners to negotiate, implement, adapt to and benefit from trade and investment agreements with Canada.

EDM is a demand-driven project that will benefit potential partners – including governments, local private sector groups and local civil society organizations – through capacity building and technical advisory support on policy reform issues that have a high potential to reduce poverty and gender inequalities, and support progress in trade and investment agreement negotiations.

Vietnam has been identified by Global Affairs Canada as a priority country for technical assistance, in the context of the implementation of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).   Despite rapid economic growth since the introduction of the “doi moi” (renovation) reform policy in 1986, Vietnam faces daunting challenges: growth in total factor productivity has slowed; the demographic dividend is being eroded by low-wage competitors; trade costs remain comparatively high; its exports remain labour-intensive and low value-added; the benefits of economic growth are unevenly spread among its 58 provinces – 15% of the population, living in remote or rural areas, carry the burden of 50% of  national poverty; women are disproportionately represented in subsistence farming, in low-skilled, precarious employment and in the informal economy; women remain underrepresented in senior management and the political class.

Implementation of the CPTPP also represents a significant challenge to Vietnam – a commitment to implement a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art trade disciplines that exceed the obligations of WTO agreements.  Notwithstanding the suspension of certain measures after the US withdrawal (largely measures affecting intellectual property rights), the CPTPP calls upon Vietnam to further open its market, adopt stronger governance and regulatory practices, expand labour rights and meet higher environmental standards, provide greater protection to investments and foster enhanced inclusiveness in trade.  Implementing the many new obligations imposed by CPTPP membership will require support from CPTPP and development partners

An EDM mission to Vietnam, conducted in November 2018, identified many technical assistance needs, including in the implementation of the obligations of the government procurement chapter of the CPTPP.  Vietnam has no prior experience in the implementation of government procurement commitments in trade agreements and faces challenges in adapting domestic legislation, regulations, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with its obligations in the CPTPP.

This assistance is consistent with the approved EDM Country Needs Assessment Plan for Vietnam, Mandate 1, Trade Policy Capacity Building.  The assistance is also aligned with the EDM Performance Measurement Framework, including Immediate Outcomes 1210 Enhanced ability  of partner country governments to strengthen, implement and measure legislation, regulations and/or policies that support inclusive trade and investment agreements with Canada.

The direct beneficiaries of this assistance will be officials of the Public Procurement Agency, Ministry of Planning and Investment, responsible for the design and implementation of government procurement legislation, regulations, policies and procedures.  The indirect beneficiaries include Vietnamese taxpayers, through the provision of higher quality, lower cost delivery of government services from international competition in procurements.


Assistance has been requested by the Public Procurement Agency of the Ministry of Planning and Investment for expert advice on the implementation of the government procurement obligations of the CPTPP.  The expert consultant will:

Prepare a written report setting out: (a) the measures Canada has taken to ensure compliance with the government procurement obligations of the CPTPP; (b) alternative approaches taken by other CPTPP member countries to satisfy these same obligations; (c) approaches taken by Canada and Israel in the administration of offsets in government procurements (Note: Annex 15.A – Schedule of Vietnam, Section J, Article 8 of the CPTPP, permits the use of offsets during a transitional period); and (d) features of the procurement chapter of the CPTPP that enable special considerations for women-led MSMEs and those of other marginalized groups such as Indigenous peoples/ethnic minorities and approaches taken by Canada and/or other CPTPP member countries to increase access of these groups to public procurement opportunities, in line with the 2017 WTO Joint Declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment, to which Vietnam is a signatory.

Develop Standard Bidding Documents for the procurement of goods, services and civil works covered under the government procurement commitments of Vietnam, integrating gender equality and social inclusion considerations where applicable.

Draft, in collaboration with local consultants, Frequently Asked Questions regarding the government procurement obligations of the CPTPP and their administration by the Public Procurement Agency, including those related to improving access to procurement opportunities for MSMEs led by women and other marginalized groups.

Recommend additional support measures necessary to ensure effective implementation of the government procurement obligations of the CPTPP, including exchanges between Vietnamese and Canadian procurements and trade officials and measures supporting access to procurement opportunities for MSMEs led by women and other marginalized groups.

Integrate gender equality and social inclusion considerations into all aspects of the technical assistance, researching and drawing upon emerging good practices in the areas of gender equality, social inclusion and trade, and specifically, procurement.


Applicants for this assignment must have:

  • Extensive experience in the administration of government procurement, including compliance with the obligations of trade agreements.
  • A detailed knowledge of the government procurement provisions of the CPTPP is essential.
  • Experience in the administration of offset programs in government procurement.
  • Experience in providing technical assistance to developing countries.
  • The EDM includes a core focus on gender equality and social inclusion as well as on environmental issues associated with trade activities. The approach to technical assistance related to both topics is included in guidance documents that are available to both technical assistance applicants and Technical Experts. Successful applicants are required to research and integrate specific good and emerging practices in these areas-partnering with other expert consultants if necessary- which will form a core part of the mandate of the technical assistance provider.   Prior experience in the provision of technical assistance on gender equality and social inclusion and environment will be viewed as a strong asset.

Anticipated duration of activities: May 2020 to December 2020



A detailed work plan, including a detailed costing and schedule.

Draft and final versions of the written report; Standard Bidding Documents and Frequently Asked Questions. 

Final activity report per EDM report guidelines, outlined below, and including recommendations for additional technical assistance.


On conclusion of the activities, the consultant will prepare a final report as per EDM report guidelines, including:

  • General context and broad objective(s) of the activity
  • A summary of the approach and specific activities
  • Expected and unanticipated challenges in the delivery of the activities
  • Outlines results, including the immediate outcomes and the anticipated longer-term benefits
  • Sustainability of results
  • Contribution to gender equality, social inclusion and sustainable development
  • Recommended performance management framework and specific performance measures
  • Recommended next steps in the implementation of the CPTPP in Vietnam, including future EDM deployments
  • Lessons learned for future EDM interventions


For your application to be considered, please name your documents in the following format: Candidate Last Name, First Name, and the Position you are applying for.

Your proposal should consist of the following:

  • Cover letter:
    • Describe your specific approach to implementing this TA. Provide as much detail as possible. 
    • Describe your project management and monitoring strategy for the implementation of the activities.
    • Indicate all personnel who are being proposed to implement this project and their roles and responsibilities.
  • Include all CVs of proposed personnel/experts.
  • Provide estimated level of effort (in days) and consulting rates (in CAD$) for each proposed personnel and/or expert who will be implementing the project. Submit your budget estimate as a separate file.

Proposals can be submitted by a single consultant or a consortium of consultants.

Please submit your application through the Cowater Career Page, including cover letter and application documents outlined above by April 14, 2020.

If you have any questions regarding the position or requirements, inquiries and questions can be sent to .

Please note, applications will not be accepted via email and must be sent through the Cowater Career Page.


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