RFP - Design and Development of the AIPTIS Website

Date of Publication: 
21 April 2021
Application Deadline: 
3 May 2021
Cowater International
Brief Description: 

Terms of Reference

Location:  Home-based (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Duration:  May – September 2021


This brief is to outline a Request for a Proposal to provide the design, development, testing, training, and implementation of the AIPTIS website. This will include the development of Content Management System (CMS), HTML documents and graphics, analytics, review and recommendation of back-end applications, the website’s security plan, CMS Training for AIPTIS teams, content development, and other relevant tasks that will be specified in the following section.

The Australia-Indonesia Partnership Towards an Inclusive Society (AIPTIS) Program is a continuation of Australia’s commitment to supporting Indonesia’s stability and prosperity, through the development goal of more Indonesians can equitably participate in and benefit from Indonesia’s social, political and economic opportunities. This program builds upon previous gains and learning while responding to new challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. It will support stronger partnerships between the Government of Indonesia (GoI) and civil society organisations (CSOs), and work with a broad range of stakeholders and partners to respond to Indonesia’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and supporting and strengthening the social, political and economic institutions and civil society impacting gender equality and women’s empowerment, and social inclusion in Indonesia.


The ‘Design and Development of the AIPTIS Website’ assignment will achieve the following objective:

To ensure maximum impact and increased access by a range of end-users to increase knowledge and understanding of gender equality, disability and social inclusion in Indonesia through the AIPTIS Program. The website will be easy to use and provide up to date news and events, data and infographics about AIPTIS and its civil society partners, their activities and achievements.


The website should cater to AIPTIS stakeholders and the international development community with a general or specific interest in community-driven development, civil society programs, women’s empowerment, and inclusive development programs. This includes international development community seeking accessible, succinct and easy to understand information on AIPTIS in Indonesian and English. This is primarily Government of Australia (GoA), particularly the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in Canberra and Jakarta, GoI Ministries as well as AIPTIS Partners, researchers, external consultants, AIPTIS Program team, and others with a general or specific interest in gender and women’s empowerment in Indonesia and Australia’s bilateral aid program. 


The vendor is responsible for the design, development, testing, training and implementation of the AIPTIS website in accordance with the approved Timetable and Deliverables. The website should be well organized, up-to-date, mobile and user-friendly (navigation and language). Text on the site should be easily viewed, downloadable and print-friendly. The website should encompass speed, quality design, logic, innovation, relevance, and accessibility. Meanwhile, the website content writer and graphic designer are responsible to collect, develop, and refine data and information into website articles/graphics/publications and other necessary contents that strongly highlight the community-driven development, civil society programs, women’s empowerment and inclusive development issues in the AIPTIS program. Specific tasks are stated below:  

A. Website Development Tasks and Deliverables

  1. Design a modern, effective and user-friendly front-end user interface and Content Management System (CMS) for a GoA-GoI bilateral development cooperation program;
  2. Develop website architecture specifying the Functional and Communication design plan;
  3. Create HTML documents and graphics for the Web;
  4. Analyse AIPTIS’ program issues and context in mainstream and social media and use them to develop or acquire a tool to improve the presentation of information, monitoring and reporting of user behaviour in order to create a more user-friendly mobile (and tablet) version of the AIPTIS website, and inform continuous content management, and the AIPTIS Communications Strategy;
  5. Include separate micro-site for future events hosted by AIPTIS;
  6. Create an effective search engine;
  7. Review website hosting services and develop recommendations for backup/restore and migration plans;
  8. Develop recommendations for software, hardware, and other back-end applications related to Web development;
  9. Develop the website’s security plan, including but not limited to anti-hacker and antivirus plans;
  10. Provide CMS Training for AIPTIS CKM and IT team; and
  11. Provide warranty and maintenance support with a monthly report for twelve months after the website launch.

B. Content Writer and Graphic Designer Tasks and Deliverables

  1. Collect and organise both pre-existing and new information as publication materials for AIPTIS website both in Bahasa Indonesia and English;
  2. In consultation with the Communications and Knowledge Management (CKM) consultant, develop a website content work plan based on Step One (A1) above;
  3. Develop a suite of articles for publication to highlight AIPTIS activities and program plans in community-driven development, civil society programs, women’s empowerment and inclusive development; and
  4. Provide design services for graphics, motion graphics, images and illustrations required for the website content development and upload.


The overall consultancy will be managed by the AIPTIS CKM Consultant. A CKM officer will be assigned as the key contact point (Activity Manager) for the ‘Content Development for AIPTIS Website and Communications Products (English - Bahasa Indonesia)’ assignment. The design team will liaise/meet regularly with the CKM team as agreed in the Deliverables and Timeline.


  1. Website Design and Development



Indicative Month


Phase I



First meeting with the AIPTIS CKM team

May 2021


Following kick-off meeting, the vendor provides updated Timeline and Deliverables

May 2021


Draft architecture document: Functional and Communication design plan

June 2021


Mock-up designs (2-3 designs) of web and mobile version for presentation to CKM staff

July 2021


Final and online design of web and mobile version

July 2021


Phase II



User acceptance testing

August 2021


Setting up the website server

August 2021


Develop and deliver training and guideline manual

September 2021


Web launch

September 2021


Phase III



User behaviour analysis after 90 days of the website launch

September – November 2021


Twelve (12) months of technical and maintenance support with monthly report

August 2021 – July 2022

2. Website Content Development



Indicative Month


Meeting with AIPTIS team

May 2021


Collect and organise both pre-existing and new information for AIPTIS website

May 2021


Develop a work plan for the website content

June 2021


Draft content submitted for review

July 2021


Graphics, motion graphics, illustrations development

July – August 2021


Gradual revision and publication of consultant’s work in consultation with AIPTIS

July – August 2021


Final portfolio of articles and publications

August – September 2021


Uploading to website

September 2021



A. Website Developer

  • Strong track record of delivering user-friendly, design-savvy websites, on time and on budget;
  • Proven experience of the theory and practice of community engagement via web and social media platforms;
  • Web programming experience, including JavaScript, PHP, ASP, or JSP;
  • Advanced proficiency with HTML/XHTML and CSS, including style sheets, templates, complex tables and image maps. Must possess working knowledge of basic composition, page layout, art and office/web software packages such as MS Word, Excel, Dreamweaver, Adobe PageMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat (or Open-Source Software equivalents);
  • Extensive experience with CMS and its development and customisation, including experience with both commercial and Open-Source systems;
  • Experience in program development of mobile and tablet devices;
  • Development experience using extensible web authoring tools;
  • Strong experience developing or extending data to mapping applications and social media tools such as API development and social media APIs;
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Information Technology, Computer Science or any computer related and computer related-design field (essential);
  • Experience designing for international organisations that work in Indonesia, and familiarity with AIPTIS’ mission and business and stakeholder context;
  • Open and collaborative communication style with excellent interpersonal skills. Able to listen to the needs of the client, and present website mock-up designs clearly and professionally; and
  • Strong track record of delivery and ability or willingness to pioneer strategic approaches.

B. Content Writer(s)

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher of communications, journalism, mass-communications, or related discipline/field;
  • Advanced writing skills both in Bahasa Indonesia and English, proven ability to produce communications products which combine narrative, infographics, Power BI charts and data to tell the story;
  • At least five years’ experience writing and publishing high quality online content in Indonesian (essential) and English (essential) on community-driven development, civil society programs, women’s empowerment and inclusive development programs in Indonesia (3-5 published samples will be submitted);
  • Able to work independently with limited supervision and produce high-quality online content in timely manner;
  • Familiarity/experience with community-driven development, civil society programs, women’s empowerment, and inclusive development issues, including AIPTIS’ thematic areas and/or AIPTIS’ CSO Partners is essential; and
  • Experience in non-governmental organisations and/or DFAT development programs is an advantage.

C. Graphic Designer

  • Bachelor’s degree in visual arts/design;
  • Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Macromedia FreeHand, Lightroom;
  • Proven track record in graphic design with at least 2 years’ experience as creative head or lead designer; and
  • Familiarity/experience with the work of development and international organisations is desirable.


The contractor is requested to submit a proposal, through our Careers Page, that must include the following information:

A. Technical Proposal

A short proposal:

  • Addressing the objectives of the assignment and scope of work detailed above which explains the technical approach, methodology, work plan, and content to be delivered;
  • Up to date CVs and examples of previous work that illustrate relevant knowledge, skills, and experiences of the organisation; and
  • Addressing the specific deliverables required in this brief.

B. Financial Proposal

  • Breakdown of financial proposal detailing specific inputs, outputs and associated costs.


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