RFP - Web-based Market Outreach for Women-led MSMEs in Central Java

Date of Publication: 
5 March 2021
Application Deadline: 
29 March 2021
Cowater International
Brief Description: 

The below description is a summary of the RFP. Interested service providers may download a copy of the RFP provided in attachment or visiting the C-tif website: https://c-tif.ca/service-providers/

Introduction to CTIF

The Canadian Trade and Investment Facility for Development is a seven-year, CAD $11.6 million demand-driven program aligned with Canada's Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) to support sustainable trade and investment-related policy reforms and economic development initiatives that promote women's empowerment and inclusive growth and have a high potential to reduce poverty in ODA-eligible developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. CTIF provides technical assistance based on the needs identified by potential beneficiaries and according to an assessment process jointly administered by the CTIF team and Global Affairs Canada (GAC). Technical assistance is provided by independent suppliers that specialize in the specific services being requested by the beneficiary. Cowater International (www.cowater.com) and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (www.ipac.ca) jointly implement CTIF on behalf of the Government of Canada.

Assignment Overview

Consultancy title:

Web-based Market Outreach for Women-led MSMEs in Central Java

Beneficiary Organizations:

  • Association for Economic and Social Study and Development
  • (PERSEPSI)Selected PERSEPSI MSME members

Anticipated duration:

14 months

Anticipated start date:

April 2021

Location of assignment

Consultant's Home Office; Central Java (Indonesian residents only)

Summary of assignment

PERSEPSI is a non-governmental organization based in Klaten, Central Java that aims to improve sustainable and inclusive economic development in the communities in which it works. PERSEPSI has worked with over 1000 women-led micro and small enterprises (MSMEs) in sectors including agriculture, processed food, handicrafts, and services.

PERSEPSI expects that this CTIF mandate will enable it to grow the number of female entrepreneurs across a wider range of districts in Central Java, notably reaching Sukoharjo, Sragen, Purworejo, Wonosobo, and Brebes. It also expects its members get an improved access to online marketplaces to include more accessible online social media platforms.

Terms of Reference

See Annex 1

Maximum budget, excluding HST

CAD $300,000

Consultant Profile / Expertise Required 

The Consultant best suited to delivering this CTIF mandate will be able to demonstrate the following professional experience and capabilities at a corporate level and within their proposed team:

  • Recent corporate experience (e.g. of lead firm or consortium members) managing projects of similar size, scope and duration, preferably in Indonesia or Southeast Asia.
  • Personnel with a strong track record working with female entrepreneurs and/or women-led MSMEs to support the growth of their enterprises, preferably with a focus on creating or scaling up their existing e-commerce operations.
  • Personnel with strong and specific familiarity with the Indonesian context, especially trends in the use of social media and marketplace e-commerce sites.
  • Expertise in digital marketing for e-commerce platforms (e.g. product placement, photography, etc.);
  • Experience providing training to female entrepreneurs and/or MSMEs on the adoption of environmentally sustainable business practices.
  • Demonstrated experience developing engaging training modules and materials appropriate to the target audience of this mandate and the context in which training will be delivered, and with delivering related training of trainer’s activities.
  • Recent experience delivering training and advisory services through virtual platforms using a variety of engaging virtual tools and techniques, including to participants who may be unfamiliar or uneasy with modern information and communications technologies.
  • Access to interpretation and translation services as required to provide all mandate activities and deliverables in Bahasa Indonesia.[1]

[1] Translation/interpretation is considered a Reimbursable Expense according to CTIF/Global Affairs Canada.

Corporate Qualifications

Interested bidders must possess the corporate capabilities and experience described in Annex 1 (TORs), which can be evidenced through project profiles included in technical proposals using the form provided in Annex 2. Contracts for projects profiled by bidders must have been active within the last five calendar years dating from the date of the release of this tender document.

Team Member Qualifications

Bidders must provide CVs for the team members it proposes to undertake the assignment on behalf of CTIF and the beneficiary using the format provided in Annex 3.

Proposal structures and Scoring method 




Max Score

Page Limit


Experience managing or implementing assignments of a similar nature in a similar geographic context.  



10 pp.  

Proposed approach and methodology

Quality of the proposed approach and methodology for delivering the assignment's intended results, including a detailed workplan and work schedule, and performance framework integrating the assignment's intended results and CTIF's intended outcomes.



8 pp.

Project management and oversight

Quality of proposed approach to project management, including monitoring and reporting.



2 pp.

Proposed team

Quality and relevance of the proposed team members' skills and experience



10 pp.

Technical criteria

Total score:




Score Attribution Criteria




Demonstrates expert understanding of the TORs and proposes innovative and appropriate solutions that address all requirements. Responses are well-tailored to the client's requirements in all aspects. Level of detail and quality of information provide a high degree of confidence in certainty of delivery.


Demonstrates a strong understanding of the issues in the TORs. Responses are tailored in most aspects and includes some innovation. The detail and quality of information provided gives a strong level of confidence that the requirement will be delivered to a high standard.


Demonstrates a good understanding of all issues relating to delivery of TORs. Responses are tailored to the client's requirements in some respects and demonstrate that proposals are robust. Provides sufficient detail and quality of information to give a good level of confidence that they will deliver.


Some misunderstandings of the issues relating to delivery of the TORs. Poor appetite to tailor to the client's requirements where required. Generally, a low level of quality information and detail leading to insufficient confidence that they will deliver.


Major misunderstanding of the issues set out in the TORs. The information is poorly tailored to the requirements or of a low quality. Poor quality or lack of information provides a low level of confidence that they will deliver.


Complete failure to address all material requirements of the TORs. Little or no tailoring of responses to meet customer requirements. Poor quality responses providing little or no confidence that they will deliver.


Unresponsive or non-compliant.

Determining best value offer

The weight given to the technical and commercial tenders are:

  • Technical: 80%
  • Commercial: 20%

Only bids receiving a minimum score of 70% against the technical evaluation criteria will proceed to the financial evaluation stage

Scoring methods of financial proposals

Commercial Criteria



Competitiveness of fees

Mathematical calculation of competitiveness of the proposed daily fees in direct comparison to all tenderers in this competition.

Lowest proposed fees/your proposed fees x 100


Competitiveness of expenses

Mathematical calculation of competitiveness of the proposed expenses in direct comparison to all tenderers in this competition.

Lowest proposed expenses / your proposed expenses x 100



RFP Timeline



Request for Proposals (RFP) issued

March 4, 2021

Deadline for confirming intention to bid 

March 11, 2021

Bidders Clarifications Deadline

March 15, 2021

Proposal submission deadline

March 29, 2021, 5pm EST

Anticipated project start date

April 2021

Mandatory: confirmations are to be sent via email to info@c-tif.ca.

The above description is a summary of the RFP. Interested service providers may download a copy of the RFP via this link https://c-tif.ca/service-providers/

Proposals shall be submitted to CTIF by March 29, 2021, 5pm EST, by email to: info@c-tif.ca. Proposals submitted through this Career Center will not be considered.


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