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Managing virtual teams and online meetings and events

From: Will Allen 
Date: Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 8:56 AM
Subject: [f4c-response] new resource pages - Managing virtual teams and online meetings and events


Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the sharing of your materials and wisdom, and thanks to Nancy for setting up and hosting the group.

The past few days have been interesting as we are seeing government and organisational policies and societal conversations evolve on an almost daily basis. This week, with travel restrictions and ‘social distancing’ strategies being promoted in the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, many more agencies and businesses are encouraging staff to work from home – fast-tracking the need for learning how to manage effective remote working practices. So we're noticing (as others have pointed out) that its a new operating environment for many people. We've just put up a blog  post and two web portal pages to add to the support of those looking for guidance for more online collaboration:


The post -  Managing virtual teams and (increasingly) staff that work from home  -  highlights 3 strategic areas for improving the performance of teams who increasingly are  not co-located in the same building or workplace, but are operating from different geographic locations (nationally and internationally) and more frequently, given the coronavirus event, self-isolating and working from home. The three areas are:  i) clarifying roles, goals and processes; ii) communication and engagement; and iii) online collaborative tools.


And there are also two related pages with annotated links to a range of online guides, reports and papers from our fellow international practitioners.

  • Managing virtual teams - A page of annotated links to online guides, posts and papers on how to manage virtual and distributed project teams.
  • Managing virtual meetings - A page  of annotated links to online guides, posts and papers on how to develop and manage online meetings and events.

warm greetings,