Renewal: A New Era for International Development Professionals

2016 Annual Conference, May 9 - 10, 2016 


Hellenic Meeting & Reception Centre, 1315 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa, Ontario


Session: Security and Duty of Care - Managing Medical Risks in International Development Programming

Scott Waters, R-EMT, Medical Risk Professional

Workshop Theme:

Kidnap. Assault. Disease. Robbery. Conflict. Road hazards. Burnout - the risks that international development professionals are facing is increasing exponentially.  This unique session is divided into three components, each covering a critical component of risk management – security systems; managing medical risks; career resilience and stress management.  The three panelists are seasoned development security practitioners who will draw upon real life examples as they provide you with a wealth of tips, templates and techniques.   You’ll come away from this exciting, interactive session with realistic and practical approaches to mitigating risks and ensuring the safety and security of your team and yourself.   And attendees to the session will receive a resource kit of templates and articles.

Session Objective: 

This session, taught by an experienced remote medic, will explore the components that an effective medical risk mitigation strategy should encompass, including: the four medical risks every aid program must guard against; responding to a medical crisis: a step by step process; Equipping your field offices: what medical equipment should you staff have: and how to structure an effective remote first aid training program.


Scott Waters, R-EMT, Medial Risk Professional

Scott Waters is a certified Remote Emergency Medical Technician with firsthand experience in several challenging environments, including Afghanistan. A former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, he is a specialist in security and medical risk assessment and mitigation for organizations working in adverse and remote locales.

Qualifications: US National Emergency Medical Technician, Remote Emergency Medical Technician (REMT), Medical Care Person in Charge (MCPIC), Certified First Aid and CPR Instructor





Presentation: Managing Medical Risks in International Development Programming