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Ellen Hagerman


Ellen Hagerman is currently working on a short-term contract as the Senior Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) expert for a World Bank transboundary water program, the Cooperation in International Waters in Africa where she provides technical assistance on gender equality to project development, develops tools and information material and has developed and delivered online training to donors and Bank staff. She has also provided technical assistance, developed questions to conduct interviews and Focus Group Discussions to conduct gender impact assessments and prepared gender analysis reports for World Bank projects in sub-Saharan Africa. She has conducted gender impact assessments focused on women’s economic empowerment for the Bank’s program in the Sahel and West Africa and for UNDP’s programs in the Middle East and North Africa and in Gabon. Prior to providing GESI technical expertise and inputs for World Bank and UNDP programs, she worked as the GESI expert for a regional climate change and water project in Southern Africa which included providing technical expertise on gender to social impact assessments, designing and conducting field work as a Gender Expert and integrating gender considerations into project proposals. She has provided GESI technical expertise for UNICEF, UNFPA, government entities, the private sector and NGOs. She has extensive experience conducting qualitative research including designing questions to conduct interviews and Focus Group Discussions, developing tools and drafting reports on gender equality related to a diversity of sectors ranging from climate change, infrastructure development, water resource management, energy, employment and entrepreneurship. She has designed and delivered training programs on gender equality and social inclusion  for Global Affairs Canada, USAID, UNICEF, UNDP and UK-funded programs that were conducted in English, French, and Portuguese. She has also developed a variety of tools and resources on gender equality across multiple sectors and has produced communications articles and publications. She previously worked for also worked for 14 years for the Canadian International Development Agency as a Program Manager (PM6) covering global environmental financial activities (GEF) in Multilateral Branch, in Policy Branch on Basic Education, Corporate Social Responsibility and Indigenous Peoples. My final assignment was as the Regional Program Manager for Southern and East Africa which included a posting to South Africa where she is currently based until she relocates to Canada in 2024.

Civil Society and Institutional Strengthening
Food Security
Participatory Approaches
Project Management
Project Planning and Design
Results Based Management
Strategic Planning
Technical Advice
Water Supply and Sanitation
Other (Field of Expertise)
Sexual and Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child Health, GBV, Youth Participation