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Evan Green

My Company

Mr. Green is a partner, senior manager and consultant for Baastel, managing the company’s Results Based Management (RBM) and M&E training and strategic planning unit and the disaster risk management (DRM) unit. Evan is a developer, monitor and evaluator of international development projects and programs and national, regional and international strategies, programs and plans. He specializes in environmental areas with particular expertise in biodiversity, climate change, disaster risk management and water management, with M&E experience in other sectors. Evan has extensive experience in RBM) and M&E capacity building and development of RBM-based M&E tools and systems for monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment and has worked with many bilateral and regional agencies and international institutions. Evan continues to design and implement participatory capacity building workshops for project and program design, RBM and participatory M&E, development of M&E tools and guidance as well as numerous mandates in environmental and disaster risk management capacity building, strategic planning and project/program management. Evan has experience both at the national and regional level for strategic planning and programming in disaster risk management – in particular in the Caribbean region and developing small and large projects and programs in environment and disaster risk management. Recent clients include the CDB, CDEMA, CIDA, DFID, the European Commission/EU, IADB, the GEF, OAS, PAHO, the US State Department, the World Bank, World Food Program, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO and the UNFCCC and UNCBD Secretariats, as well as a number of national governments. Evan Green has a multidisciplinary Masters degree in Public Policy and Public Administration, specializing in International Development, Policy and Project Management. His geographic areas of expertise are Latin America and the Caribbean, with extensive experience in Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria, and Morocco in particular. He has excellent knowledge of the agencies and international institutions of international development worldwide and works in English, French, and Spanish.

Other (Field of Expertise)
Disaster Risk Management, Climate Change
Membership in Professional Societies
-Canadian Evaluation Society -European Evaluation Society -International Development Evaluation Association -French Evaluation Society -CAC: Consulting and Audit Canada -CAIDC: Canadian Association of International Development Consultants -UNAIDS Monito