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Robin Ford

My Company
Robin Ford Consulting

From 2008, I have been capacity building and consulting in the areas of strategic planning, more effective decision making, governance, and regulation.

Since 1983, I have been involved with policy formulation, the drafting of legal instruments, and regulatory law, often working directly with supervisory teams.

I am an old hand at building and managing effective relationships and navigating complex political environments, working with business executives, senior civil servants, and Government Ministers, and with specialists of all sorts (including economists, engineers, accountants, and actuaries).

Working with the technical experts, I have managed and delivered complex projects such as a new interconnection regime for telecommunications and advanced requirements for capital adequacy in the insurance sector, often to very demanding time scales.  I understand the power of an outcomes focused and risk based approach and how to make it work in practice, in both small and large organizations.

I recently joined the Advisory Group to the National Crowdfunding and FinTech Assn of Canada.

Banking and Financial Services
Capacity Development
Civil Society and Institutional Strengthening
Cooperative Development
Organizational Development
Oversight, Audit and Evaluation
Participatory Approaches
Performance Measurement
Private Sector Development
Strategic Planning
Technical Advice
Other (Field of Expertise)
Membership in Professional Societies
International Bar Assn, Commonwealth Lawyers Assn, Clarity, and more