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Pernille Fischer-Boulter

CAIDP Board Member
My Company
Kisserup International Trade Roots Inc.

Pernille Fischer Boulter

President & CEO,

Kisserup International Trade Roots Inc.

 As the founder of Kisserup International Trade Roots Inc., Pernille Fischer Boulter brings more than twenty years of experience in international business development to public and private sector organizations, government agencies and international financial institutions. She has assisted thousands of small, micro and medium-sized private sector companies, trade and industry associations, and government agencies in their pursuit of export development worldwide. She also facilitates public and private sector business development, provides project management services and establishes joint ventures across the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and North America. Furthermore, Pernille has managed budgets of all sizes ranging from annual budgets of $60 million within the service sector to smaller monthly budget requirements for new-to-export clients.

Originally from Denmark, Europe, Pernille’s professional experience began with the growth management of American and European IT companies from which her background in marketing, sales, training and consulting developed. Pernille harnessed this experience and acquired a Masters of Business from the Copenhagen School of Business in 1997. Upon immigrating to Canada in 1998, she continued on her educational path and obtained a Certificate in Project Management from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada as well as a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation from The Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) in Ottawa, Canada – the world’s leading international trade training and professional certification authority.

With comprehensive experience conducting global projects Ms. Fischer Boulter has worked on contracts funded by the European Development Fund (EDF), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and she is registered as a consultant with the Caribbean Development Bank and the United Nations Development Program.

Pernille was the first woman ever elected to the Board of Directors of OTANS (the Onshore/Offshore Technology Association of Nova Scotia) where she served as a Board Member and a Member of the Executive until 2005.  Currently, Pernille  serves as an appointed a member of the Atlantic Growth Advisory Group selected to support the Atlantic Growth Strategy with the mandate to stimulate the region's economy, support the middle class and address both longstanding and emerging regional challenges.

One of Pernille’s most recent accomplishments has been the publication of her book Tales of an Immigrant Entrepreneur: One Women’s Story, published by Freisen Press in 2017