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Adding Value: How FITT can Prepare your Organization for Success in Service Exports

Are you looking for ways to offer your development services in the international market place?  It is a competitive world out there. The Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) is set up to help. 

In June 2019, CAIDP hosted a webinar delivered by Greg Henderson, a Certified International Trade Professional. CITP is a designation provided by FITT. Greg walks through some key steps to being a successful service provider (e.g. a technical expert, a project evaluator, or a project manager). Greg actualizes his passion of building business relationships and strategies across cultures by running Channelspark Inc., an international consulting firm that specializes in helping development practitioners put their talents to work internationally.

Beyond the content covered in Greg’s 50 minute presentation, learn about the courses and educational content you can obtain from FITT.  For CAIDP members only, FITT has offered an exclusive FREE preview of their contents via FITTskills Lite. Please see the attachment or click on the link for more details.

You can watch the presentation here.