Techsoup webinar: The Resilient Nonprofit

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25 November 2021


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Over the past year, Canadian nonprofits and charities have continued to operate under the shadow of COVID-19. How are resilient organizations facing the continually changing landscape and how can you put digital tools to use in navigating the “new normal”? In this free webinar, Mary Barroll, President of CharityVillage, will provide a look at some of the key challenges the sector has faced this year, while also offering insight into how organizations are leveraging digital tools to build sustainable fundraising and donor engagement, recruit and support staff and volunteers, and support their leaders to find success. 

WHEN:  November 25, 2021  noon-1pm (EST)

NOTE: The webinar recording will be posted after the live event.
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What you will learn in this webinar

  • Results from CharityVillage’s COVID-19 survey on staffing and volunteering
  • The burnout epidemic and why organizations need to prioritize workplace mental health
  • How to successfully recruit staff and volunteers virtually
  • Tips to help you create a compelling story for your digital fundraising campaigns
  • Resources to help your organization thrive
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Meet the Hosts

This webinar is lovingly put together by TechSoup Canada and CharityVillage. We hope you'll join us for this webinar!
Chiara Speaker: Mary Barroll 
President, CharityVillage
Chiara Moderator: Chiara 
Digital Education Coordinator at TechSoup Canada
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