Facilitator for CAIDP Strategic Plan

Date of Publication: 
July 20, 2018
Application Deadline: 
July 31, 2018
Canadian Association of International Development Professionals
Brief Description: 

Canadian Association of International Development Professionals (CAIDP)  

Strategic Planning Process 2018 


Call for a Strategic Planning Facilitator (Consultant) 


July 19, 2018 

Terms of Reference 


The Canadian Association of International Development Professionals (CAIDP) gives a voice to the concerns and interests of Canadian international development professionals located throughout Canada and around the world.   


The Association's objectives are to: 

  • Foster excellence in international development consulting 

  • Promote the collective interests of international development professionals 

  • Provide a forum for members to exchange professional information and engage in professional development. 


CAIDP’s current strategic plan runs from 2012-2018.  We are developing a new strategic plan for the period of 2019-2023 to help ensure that we stay focused on issues and services important to our members and our community.  The CAIDP Board of Directors along with the Strategic Planning Committee, consisting of members of the organization, will hold a facilitated strategic planning session on Thursday, September 6 in Ottawa.  This is required to shape the new strategic plan 2019-2023. Some of the participants will be on-site and some will attend the session remotely via an on-line meeting platform.  


We require the services of an experienced facilitator to assist us in achieving our strategic planning process.   


The facilitator will: 


  1. Facilitate a 2 to 2.5-hour meeting with the CAIDP Strategic Planning Committee, during the second week of August, to guide the Committee on effective preparation for a facilitated strategic planning session through: 

  1. Advice on preparation of an environmental scan;  

  1. Facilitated prioritization of questions to be addressed in the facilitated strategic planning session 

  1. Advice on other preparation necessary for a successful strategic planning session 

  1. Facilitate a strategic planning session on Thursday, September 6, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. in Ottawa and  

  1. Provide “as it was heard” notes and recommend suggested changes to CAIDP’s current strategic plan template and accountability framework based on the outcome of the facilitated strategic planning session. 


Ideal profile of the facilitator: 


  • At least 5 years’ experience in designing and managing strategic planning processes for non-profit organizations 

  • Familiarity with international development issues and challenges 

  • Available to meet virtually with the CAIDP Strategic Planning Committee in the first week of August 

  • Available to facilitate a strategic planning session on September 6, 2018 in Ottawa   


Interested consultants are asked to provide: 


  1. Propose a plan for: 

  1.  A meeting for the preparation of a facilitated strategic planning session; and  

  1. The structure, process and delivery of a one-day facilitated strategic planning session for up to 20 participants (including advice on limited but appropriate engagement for remote participants via an on-line meeting platform) 

  1. Identify relevant experience 

  1. Proposed budget for services  

  1. 3 professional references  


Deadline for submission is July 30, 2018 at 09h00 EDT Ottawa  

Submissions are to be sent to: nicole.leguerrier@caidp-rpcdi.ca 


More information on CAIDP can be found here*: 




Note:  CAIDP is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  Please consider that our limited budget means that our success depends on in-kind contributions from our members and those who support our work.  Therefore, we will prioritize consultants who can offer a discounted rate on their services.  


* If you have any difficulties opening the links found in this document, please contact Nicole Leguerrier at nicole.leguerrier@caidp-rpcdi.ca