Julian Murray


Julian Murray has more than 38 years of progressively more responsible assignments in international development and humanitarian assistance, including 2 years with NGOs or serving as a teacher overseas, 4 years with UNHCR, 26 years on staff with CIDA, and 6 years independent consulting.

Field assignments – 17 years in 36 countries:

1 year in Algeria, 1 year in Malaysia, 2 years in Sudan, 7 years in Indonesia and 3 years in Sri Lanka; as well as 4-6 month assignments in Nepal, Singapore, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Tanzania, and short assignments in Rwanda, DRC, Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Sudan, Ghana, Sénégal, Sierra Leone, Guinée, Niger, Cambodia, Mongolia, Philippines, Turkey x 3, Nepal, Ukraine x 2, Central African Republic x 2, Haiti, Trinidad, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Bangladesh, Chad, Burundi, Mozambique and Egypt.

Senior Management experience – 16 years:

Five years serving as a senior management consultant to the Government of Canada, to the UN and to the Organisation of American States. Prior to consulting, in CIDA, four years as Senior Director (Strategic Planning) in the Americas, two years as Corporate Secretary in the office of the CIDA President, and five years as CIDA’s most senior executive in Asia (Indonesia and East Timor).


Evaluation experience includes the commissioning and management of evaluations for CIDA, serving on the reference group CIDA corporate evaluations, and as advisor for the DAC Peer Review of CIDA.

Since 2013 conducted twenty humanitarian evaluations and four development evaluations, including on the humanitarian side: (1) review of humanitarian protection funding for the Global Protection Cluster (team leader), (2) Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation of Typhoon Haiyan (team member and report editor), (3) evaluation of UNHCR's programme in Turkey (team member and report author), (4) evaluation of the Solutions Alliance (team member and report editor), (5) After Action Review for UNDP of the Ebola response in Guinée and Sierra Leone (team leader), (6) country case study for WFP in Cambodia (team member), (7) evaluability assessment for the Canadian Red Cross (team member and report author), (8) evaluation of UNHCR’s program in Ukraine (co-team leader and report author), (9) evaluation of the crisis response/early recovery outcomes of UNDP’s strategic plan, with case studies in Nepal and Ukraine (team member and component report author), (10) evaluation of the UNDP-led Early Recovery Cluster, with case studies in Central African Republic and Haiti (team leader and report author), (11) After Action Review of UNDP’s response to hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean (team leader), (12) evaluation of ECHO’s programmes for Syrians in Turkey (deputy team leader and report author), (13) evaluation of Canada’s International Humanitarian Assistance 2011/12 – 2017/18 (senior advisor), (14)evaluation of ECHO’s programmes in Central Africa (team member and CAR case study leader), (15) the evaluation of EC programming in Turkey (team member on quality assurance), (16) the evaluation of WFP’s People Strategy (team member and case study leader), (17) evaluation methodology adviser to Global Affairs Canada on country programme evaluations that blend development, humanitarian and peace-building components, (18) After Action Review UNDP Hurricane Idai (team leader), (19) the evaluation of ECHO’s Ukraine programme 2014-2018 (team leader), and (20) the evaluation of UNHCR’s programme in Egypt (country TBC, team member).

Julian Murray is a graduate of the Carleton University/World Bank International Program for Development Evaluation Training, and a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society.

Strategic planning and project design:

Since 2013, conducted seven strategic planning assignments (four multi-year country strategies for UNHCR, a management modernisation plan for the OAS, an RBM system for International IDEA, and a multi-year strategy for Global Affairs Canada), and designed or redesigned five Canadian-funded development projects.

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