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Update on SDG Implementation

In the second instalment of our Development Cooperation in an Age of Disruption, Pre-Conference Webinar Series, our panelists discuss the SDGs at the international and domestic levels. Fraser Reilly-King--Policy Analyst with IDRC--facilitates a discussion between Shannon Kindornay--Director of Research, Policy and Practice at CCIC--and JP Bervoets--Vice President of Canadian Foundations of Canada. Our three guests describe how Canadians are already contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and highlight the upcoming opportunities to contribute. Feel free to review the presentations of Shannon Kindornay breaking down the 2030 Agenda and JP Bervoets enlightening us on how our organizations can be more involved in achieving the SDGs.

You will also find the answers to the mentioned High-Level Political Forum here.

Watch the hour-long webinar to learn more!