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Working with the Asian Development Bank

Conversations with North America’s Representative to the Asian Development Bank

Bart Edes advises how Canadian professionals - individual consultants, firms, universities, or NGOs - can position themselves to provide services.

First Interview - February 2019

Meet Bart Édes, Asian Development Bank’s representative for North America


Second Interview - April 2020

In February 2019 Bart gave us a very thorough overview of the ADB’s program along with some sage advice for Canadian firms interested in doing business with the Bank

In this 20 minute interview we catch up with Bart to ask:

  • Whether there are features or updates to highlight
  • In the midst of the COVID - 19 - what the Bank’s current reading is of the pandemic’s impact on Asia and on funding programs/projects/initiatives supported by the Bank
  • What the road to recovery look like and how the Bank is positioning to support this
  • How Canadian professionals should position themselves to offer services in this regard


Key Links Mentioned in Bart’s talks: