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FIAP After Two Years

FIAP After 2 Years – Canada’s Progress in Shaping a Feminist Policy for a Better World

In the final instalment of the Pre-Conference Webinar Series, we host a discussion about the Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP), how Canada is performing and the Human Dignity Action Area. 

CAIDP-RPCDI’s President Jean Lowry moderates the 60-minute discussion with panelists:

•          Aniket Bhushan, Policy Analyst and Principal Investigator - CIDP

•          Gavin Charles, Policy Team Lead – CCIC

More specifically, Gavin discusses CCIC's perspective of FIAP and the Human Dignity Action Area while Aniket explores CIDP’s report entitled Canadian Aid and the SDGs: Prioritization, Resourcing and Influence

If you have any questions, please send them to This webinar was only available in English.

This is Part 3/3 of the Pre-Conference Webinar Series.

Watch the hour-long webinar to learn more!