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Yuki Gotanda Coaching & Consulting Inc.

Career transition coach for international development/humanitarian professionals. International Coaching Federation (ICF) member.

My mission is to assist mid-career professionals who wish to transition into and from challenging yet rewarding international development and humanitarian sector. Transitioning into an international development/humanitarian career is challenging, but transitioning from these sectors can also be challenging for various reasons. For people whose careers have spanned many years and different countries, finding ‘home’ and a new career or transitioning into retirement life may also present unique challenges. These transitions can also be difficult for the accompanying spouses & partners.


For individual clients

I assist:

  1. Mid-career professionals who wish to transition into international development / humanitarian careers.
  2. International development / humanitarian professionals who are transitioning into new roles.
  3. International development / humanitarian professionals considering leaving the field and looking for new career paths (finding a job in the home country, starting a small business, etc.).
  4. Spouses & partners of international development/humanitarian professionals who are looking for flexible careers.
  5. International development / humanitarian professionals transitioning into retirement.

I also work with other expatriates and immigrants who go through cross-cultural career transitions.

Making a mid-life and cross-cultural career transition can be challenging, but you do not have to go through this transition alone. I have personally been on the same path you are on (I have over 20 years of experience and worked in 19 countries. I moved from the private sector to the UN, UN to NGO, and now I am a business owner) and can assist you with your journey.

To learn more about my coaching service, please visit my website and book a free 30 min discovery consultation.

I look forward to assisting you in creating a new resilient career, and finding meaning and purpose in your retirement.

For the organizations

I provide the following services for the organizations:

  • Non-financial retirement coaching as an employee benefit
  • Expat accompanying spouse/partner career coaching
  • Career transition coaching for employees (employees transition into new roles, cross-cultural adaptation, departing employees, etc.)

Please contact me for more information.


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