Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  What types of memberships are there?

  • CAIDP has four categories of Members. Please go here to read more about these categories.

2.  What are the benefits to be a CAIDP Member?

  • Membership is very inexpensive and you can more than recoup your costs through:

*  Note that only Individual, corporations and student members can benefit from these discouted rate. 

  • Membership in CAIDP provides:
    • Access to job opportunities: CAIDP posts on average 18 job opportunities per month to the list and the JobBank on the website. Postings come from member firms and NGOs, Trade Commissioners, Head Hunting firms and members like you;
    • A voice for members to negotiate with funding agencies to improve administrative processes;
    • Information on a wide range of topics of concern to development workers with additional details being provided to full members on the CAIDP-Hub and in our Quarterly Members’ Bulletin;
    • Opportunities for mentoring to youth and those new to the profession;
    • Networking opportunities: CAIDP meetings, conferences and events give you the chance to meet the heads of major development firms and NGOs. When your CV hits their desk this gives you a leg up;
    • Priority seating at consultation sessions convened by CAIDP.
  • Being a member allows you to participate in setting goals and in activities of the organization:
    • Your input will be sought on CAIDP’s strategies, plans, policies and position papers;
    • You can request research on topics of particular concern;
    • You can request CAIDP to approach funding agencies to get answers to specific questions:
    • You can participate in meetings with funding agencies to develop approaches and learn about funding agency approaches and needs.
  • Membership conveys a competitive advantage – in a close competition every point counts:
    • Membership in a professional society is well perceived by donors and employers and can be included in proposals and application forms;
    • CAIDP has a professional code of conduct which members must agree to adhere to: this is seen as valuable by donors and is reassuring to potential partners and contractors.
  • More information and networking opportunities:
    • CAIDP interacts with a number of other Canada-wide professional associations such as CANADEM, CCIC and the provincial councils, CES, CME, PMI, CMC, the Chamber of Commerce, Devex, EWB, McLeod Group, IPAC, the OLIFIs, SID and TISA. (No wonder our external relations people are busy) which provides additional opportunities for networking and marketing;
    • CAIDP has frequent consultations with Global Affairs Canada, and links with the Canadian trade offices overseas;
    • It also is well known at the World Bank, IADB, and AFDB.
  • Many of your peers see CAIDP as an important resource: about 30 development firms and NGOs as well as many individuals are members.  Shouldn’t you belong as well?

3.  What is the cost of a membership?

  • Membership fees are substantially less than fees for many other professional associations and they have gone up by less than the rate of inflation since CAIDP was founded in 1993. During that same 22 year period, the benefits of being a member have increased substantially. In fact, if you are an active international development professional, you will actually SAVE money by becoming a member if you take advantage of the member savings above.


Student Members

Associate Members

Individual Members

Corporate Members

Cost of Membership




 $300 to $500(1)

Savings because of inflation




$145 to $243

Maximum SAVINGS Per Member





Bought the popular Conference Combo





Paid for the Conference Separately





Signed up for DEVEX Career Account (Annual Savings)


(USD 29)



(USD 29)


(USD 29)

Signed up for DEVEX  Tender Tracking (Annual Savings)





(USD 303)


(USD 303)

Signed up for DevAid Corporate Package (Annual Savings) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

10% (potentially hundreds of €)

Signed up for DevAid Individual Packages (Annual Savings) up to 20% (up to €60 (about $90)) $0.00 up to 20% (up to €60 (about $90)) up to 20% (up to €60 (about $90))

Total Possible Savings for CAIDP Members





Return on Investment

12 times

1.3 times

3.7 times

2 to 3 times

(1) One year Corporate Memberships costs are based on the number of employees. For 1-5 employees, $300; 6-10 $400; 11-50 $450; > 50 $500.  Per year discounts are provided on two year memberships.

  • In addition, you get the following benefits FREE with your membership:
    • Subscription to the CAIDP-Hub – notices of jobs, events, training and more
    • Access to the CAIDP JobBANK
    • Profile posted on the CAIDP Website
    • Quarterly CAIDP Bulletins
    • Access to webinars

4.  Why should I join CAIDP when I get all the information for free by subscribing to the CAIDP Hub listserv?

  • In fact, members get significantly more information than subscribers including the CAIDP Quarterly Bulletin, enhanced posting rights on both the listserv and the website, access to a lot of members only information on the website and members only messages on important news.

5.  Do CAIDP members benefit from preferred rates at the Annual Conference?  

  • CAIDP members benefit from a lower conference fee. 

6.  Should we decide to become a corporate member, would our firm and website link be included on the "Corporate Members" web page?

  • YES if you become a Corporate member, your firm and website link will be included on the "Corporate Members" web page. You will also be able to edit/update it as you wish once you log in into your profile.
  • If you are an individual member you can post your profile as well.

7.  Are there any other things we should know about Corporate Membership in CAIDP (e.g., as opposed to individual membership)?

  • One other difference is that each corporate member is entitled to appoint two (2) representatives – each one with one (1) vote - to attend and act on behalf of the corporation to meetings of Members. As a corporate member you will also be able to post any job opportunities on the CAIDP website in addition to being able to post it to the listserv that goes to over 1,100 subscribers. Otherwise, as CAIDP is run by its member-volunteers, benefits depend a lot of your involvement in CAIDP activities. As a corporate member, you will benefit from networking with other corporate members.
  • CAIDP is also often asked for representatives from the industry to attend consultations with the government and IFI, the UN, etc. We usually recommend our corporate members be invited. 

8.  Can I use the name CAIDP?

  • As many tenders look with favor on membership in a professional association, all paid up members are welcome to mention their CAIDP membership in their promotional materials, for example by including the phrase: "Member Canadian Association of International Development Professionals (CAIDP)", and/or "I/we adhere to the CAIDP Professional Code of Conduct". You may also send prospective employers a link to your CAIDP profile.
  • Please see (https:/ for information on the appropriate use of the CAIDP name and logos.