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Your Membership Benefits

There are many benefits of CAIDP membership including:

  • Savings of up to $5,000 per year: on insurance, DEVEX, DevAID, OECD-DAC iLibrary, travel, hotels and much more including registration for CAIDP events (when fees are charged) and priority registration periods for limited events
  • Ethics: CAIDP members must subscribe to the Code of Conduct and members regularly review and update the Code to respond to new challenges.
  • A voice on international development issues: CAIDP provides an inclusive sector-wide voice on key international development issues, with individual members ranging from students to seasoned professionals and corporate members from academia and the for and non profit sectors.
  • Access to jobs and professional information: All CAIDP members get a subscription to the CAIDP-Hub which provides READ and WRITE access to Canada’s largest international development listserv (over 1,300 subscribers) which posts notices of jobs, events, training and more. All members have access to the JobBANK and Corporate members can post job opportunities free on the JobBANK on the website (over 3,000 visitors per month) and social media (reaching over 2,000).
  • Networking opportunities: CAIDP members also enjoy opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking including participating in CAIDP events, volunteering on CAIDP Committees, and posting on the CAIDP website including professional profiles and articles, news and commentary on the interactive blogs and forums.
  • Member-only content: More than half the material on our website is created by and for our members, and member content is given priority in our Quarterly CAIDP Bulletins, listserv, website and programming. Corporate members can also promote their events and other content on the CAIDP website and social media. Member registration is prioritized for our events and webinars.
  • Participation: Members guide CAIDP’s activities and priorities by participating in the Annual General meeting and by nominating and voting on candidates for the Board of Directors.

For more on the Value of CAIDP go here.

Membership is very inexpensive and you can more than recoup your costs:

CAIDP has worked hard to keep memberships accessible and if you are an active international development professional, you will actually SAVE money by becoming a member.


Student Members

Associate Members

Individual Members

Corporate Members

Cost of Annual Membership(1)




$330 to $550(2)

Maximum SAVINGS Per Member





CAIDP Individual Travel Insurance ($325 per year all business travel to all countries, all risks) Up to $2,675 if security and natural disaster evacuation is required See note 3 below Up to $2,675 if security and natural disaster evacuation is required Special Corporate Packages Available!
CAIDP general and professional liability, health and dental packages 15% approx.   15% approx. 15% approx.
A paid subscription to the OECD iLibrary at low non-profit rate Up to $3,900 (USD3,000)   Up to $3,900 (USD3,000) Up to $3,900 (USD3,000)
Signed up for DEVEX Career Account (Annual Savings)


(USD 114)



(USD 114)


(USD 114)

Signed up for DEVEX  Pro (Tender Tracking) Account via CAIDP (Annual Savings)








Signed up for DevAid Individual Packages via CAIDP (Annual Savings) up to 20% (approx. $90 (€60))   up to 20% (approx. $90 (€60)) up to 20% (approx. $90 (€60))
Signed up for DevAid Corporate Packages via CAIDP (Annual Savings)       10% (potentially hundreds of €)
CAIDP Perkopolis savings on Westjet, Via Rail, Staples, Car Rental, Hotels, and more .... 10% - 15%   10% - 15% 10% - 15%

Saving on membership fee through Conference Combo




$70 to $250

Saving on conference fee as a Member




$100 to $250

Potential Savings from your CAIDP membership exceed $5,000 depending on your membership category and how active you are in the international development profession!


(1) Per year discounts are provided on two-year memberships.

(2) Corporate Memberships costs are based on the number of employees. For 1-5 employees, $330; 6-10 $440; 11-50 $500; > 50 $550. Note that Corporate Members can post - at no cost - job opportunities to the CAIDP website, which are also advertised on the CAIDP Hub and Twitter.

(3) Associates on a short-term contract, either paid or voluntary, for a CAIDP Corporate Member can access CAIDP Travel Insurance by applying to